Linguacom offers specialised services in language that enable its clients to communicate, persuade or sell over the world, in any of the following languages: Aranese/Occitan, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Spanish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian (contact us for other languages).


General, technical, advertising, audiovisual and legal texts

We work with a network of translators with linguistic, conceptual and specific knowledge of the terminology of every speciality.

  • Technical translation: Every industrial branch has its technical terminology. That is why it is essential to provide an efficient and quality translation service that guarantees that the documentation will be well understood by the readers, such as machinery instruction manuals, product safety data sheets, medical and pharmaceutical texts, etc.
  • Advertising translation: Advertising sector texts require a special treatment. The translator has a much more complex job, since he or she must capture the message and translate it in such a way that the target of the translation not only receives the same information as the recipient of the original text, but also the same sensations and reactions. Cultural references, puns, images, cannot be translated literally, since they will either be misunderstood or the meaning lost, and all the humour and intention of the original message will be missed. The message must adapt perfectly to the culture of the target language. Moreover, the oral message must be perfectly complemented by the visual medium.
  • Audiovisual translation: In audiovisual translation and adaptation, the type of text constitutes a whole that cannot be separated from the image for which they have been created. Moreover, in this type of translations you have to adapt cultural references and maintain languages registers, among other specificities. Particular care must be taken with dubbing, subtitling, audio description, localisation of videogames, etc.
  • Legal translation:Legal, judicial and financial documents require special care due to their critical nature, which is why the translation must reflect the full contents of the original in detail. Legal and judicial language requires great linguistic accuracy, an understanding of its specific archaisms and an in-depth knowledge of legal topics and terminology and legal procedures.Our translations offer precision and accuracy.

All jobs have two phases:

  1. Translation by a specialised translator
  2. Review and proofreading of the translated text

Sworn translation

Official and private documents

Documentation that has to be submitted to official organisations, that is confidential or else involves a legal liability requires a sworn translation.

These translations are certified by the seal and signature of sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

By signing a translation and affixing their seal to it, the sworn translator certifies that the translation is true to the original and exact, and that the resulting document has the same legal value as the original.


General, technical, advertising, legal and audiovisual texts

In all texts, spelling and typography must be checked, although mistakes in the application of the rules of written language must also be detected and corrected: incorrect morphosyntax, semantic inconsistencies, lack of precision, unsuitable turns of phrase, clichés, etc. Solutions that cannot be obtained by referring to a dictionary or the word processor’s spell-checker.

There are different levels of proofreading:

  • Spelling and typography proofreading: spelling errors are corrected and the overall aspect of the typographic text is addressed (accentuation, structure of the chapter, etc.).
  • Style proofreading: all grammar and syntactic errors, besides spelling and typography, are corrected.
  • Special proofreading: It includes concepts such as chapter development or structure, and even remodelling.


Webs, blogs, the social media, reports, articles, pamphlets, three-page leaflets, catalogues, etc.

We take ideas, a series of documents or texts and write new documents and optimise texts for websites, blogs and the social media. We adapt and modify original documents to reach the target audience more easily.

All texts are proofread for spelling, typography and style.

Linguistic maintenance of websites, blogs and social media

In the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, German, English and French.

Websites, blogs and social media contain information that must be updated periodically to adapt it to market needs, or else to offer current news about the company, the launch of new products, campaigns, etc.

We offer a website, blog and social media maintenance service that includes writing, proofreading and translation to keep them permanently and totally updated.

Interpreting services

Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting and chuchotage

  • Consecutive interpretation: This is one-way translation. The interpreter takes notes while the speaker talks and then repeats it in another language. It is normally used at press conferences, in speeches, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpretation: It is the usual technique at congresses and conferences. Soundproofed translation booths are used where the interpreters work in pairs, since the work is very taxing and they have to take turns. They listen to the speaker through headsets and translate simultaneously to the delegates, who receive the translation in wireless headsets where they can choose the language.
  • Chuchotage: It is a type of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter, who is next to the listeners, generally one or two, translates what the speaker is saying in a low voice. It is normally used at business meetings where there are few people, trade exchanges, meetings of leaders, etc.
  • Liaison interpreting: It is used in conversations between two or more people, after a brief speech, consecutively, sentence by sentence. No equipment is required.

Transcription of audio and video tapes

The transcription service, apart from the actual typing, also includes the proofreading service. The document delivered to the client goes through a process in which spelling, typography and style are all checked, unless indicated otherwise.