Collaboration framework

Linguacom has prepared this document to facilitate dealings with clients and to ultimately improve its quality of service. Its objective is to offer clients a service that is fully adapted to their needs.

It should be said that this document defines a general framework for collaboration and that the different points developed in it should be adjusted to each specific product and, of course, to each client.

Linguacom bases its relationship with its clients on confidence. For this reason, we believe it is important to establish a collaboration framework that clearly defines all the aspects underpinning the customer-supplier relationship from the outset. This framework prevents unnecessary doubts, promotes dialogue with the client and also avoids possible conflicts.

In order to facilitate communication between Linguacom and the client, it is important that the latter appoint a person inside their organisation as project manager. This person will be the contact person between the client and Linguacom, and all technical or administrative questions will be put to them.